Gaastra GmbH is the pioneer for the further development of conventional IT towards sustainable IT that has as little impact as possible on people and the environment. We are the founders of the BIO FRIENDLY IT concept and continuously optimize the ecological sustainability of our IT services and have also developed our own components for this purpose. We love and live our sustainable IT!

Health Open Source IT Footprint Security Privacy Independence


Since 1997, we have been providing professional IT services based on health, Open Source and Unix, IT footprint minimization, state-of-the-art IT security, guaranteed privacy and third-party independence.

Our concept of BIO FRIENDLY IT is based on six basic principles. It is an overall concept: we not only develop our IT infrastructures ourselves, but also many of the components to realize the extremely high quality standards we strive for. Everything is optimally coordinated!


In the interest of your employees' health, we reduce unnecessary radiation in the IT environment - all the way to a completely radiation-free office! We use network cables instead of wireless and check all your hardware components for electrosmog.

Open Source & Unix

We help our customers to switch from commercial software to open-source software. We focus on license-free solutions that run on Unix operating systems such as macOS*, Linux and BSD Unix.

IT Footprint

Our goal is to minimize your IT footprint and make your IT as sustainable as possible. We support you in avoiding unnecessary software and increasing the efficiency of your software. Through virtualization, we save you unnecessary hardware. In addition, we choose hardware with a longer lifespan. We prefer "green" energy sources.

IT Security

We protect your corporate network and your cloud with our 4D network protection (© Gaastra GmbH 2021), increase your resilience, and ensure that your systems are always up to date.

Data Security

We offer you your "own" cloud. Your data stays only with you and does not belong in the hands of third-party providers or large corporations. That's why we offer you our BIO 7-step data access concept in your cloud (© Gaastra GmbH 2021), reduce connections to third-party providers to what is absolutely necessary, and ensure that your data is always secured.


Unlike with many other IT service providers, you can rest assured that our BIO FRIENDLY IT remains 100% independent of third party providers. We are also independent from investors and thus free from short term pressure for returns and can therefore realize long term solutions.

Our Services

IT Services :: Office 4.0

We create the whole IT system for your office or house:

  • Network technology: The most basic part of our concept is to build your internal network in subnetworks.
  • Where possible, we try to configure all server processes together on a small server to minimize power consumption.
  • We use open source firewalls to secure the networks
  • We advise corporate customers to keep an additional second internet connection active to provide higher downtime protection
  • We install professional routers to bypass a device coercion by the Internet provider.
  • We configure fixed VPN tunnels (IPSec) between your offices and your private cloud servers.
  • We configure the most advanced and secure VOIP PBXs and phones for you.
  • We integrate and configure the office and home electronics as desired. Due to radiation protection and data security, preferably not wireless, but via network cables.
  • As BIO FRIENDLY IT-ers, help you plan, design, connect, configure, and maintain your facilities.

Cloud Services :: Cloud 4.0

We provide secure cloud services for you:

  • Network Technology:The most fundamental part of our concept is building your cloud network.
  • Everything with us in the cloud is virtual- Even if a hacker were to gain access to the data center, he still cannot physically connect to your networks, this prevents the hacker from "walking through".
  • We use Open Source firewalls to secure our networks.
  • We make it a point to connect as directly as possible to the main strand ("backbone") of the Internet for maximum speed.
  • We configure fixed VPN tunnels between your offices and your private cloud servers.
  • We can configure private servers that are only accessible from your offices and only for your mobile employees (and IT supervisors) via VPN tunnel.
  • We provide the best possible security for your servers connected to the public Internet.
  • Our 7-stage data access concept.

Software Development :: Code 4.0

We develop your software according to your needs. We have played a leading role in the development of software libraries ("middleware"), financial system software and the Internet of Things.

Middleware Plugins

  • Under the name Webappz, we have developed plugins to enable programmers to quickly and efficiently create optimal cloud - solutions.
  • LISTedit: Java interfaces for programming graphical user interfaces (GUI) for web applications
  • PDFkit: Java interface for generating PDF reports from information provided on the web
  • bizDAV: Centralized authorization and validation for (multiple) enterprises and cloud applications

Financial Systems Software

  • 1TRACKER: cloud-based time, expense, billing, payment and project management
  • scheduleDS: Cloud 4.0 based scheduling, accounting and management for driving schools and similar businesses

Internet of Things

  • Our BIO Internet of Things ("B1010T") systems connect your electronic hardware to your private cloud or to the Internet.

References: IT projects over 20 years with international challenges .... and gradually .... more and more BIO!

Drop-by Fridays


Our personal and extensive consulting offer: Visit our "BIO FRIENDLY IT House" during "Drop by Fridays" and/or talk directly to our IT experts. Ask questions, make suggestions, offer criticism.


We offer training courses within the framework of our philosophy BIO FRIENDLY IT in Munich and the surrounding area. IT systems are becoming more and more powerful, but also more and more complex. Also, new developments, opportunities and risks are constantly emerging. From our daily dealings with our customers and their systems, we know which questions and problems arise with users in daily practice.

Solutions for your office, private cloud, and software development

Our BIO FRIENDLY IT services and solutions are developed and produced in Grünwald near Munich, with partnerships in Silicon Valley (California) and Vancouver (Canada)!
Since 1997, we have been successfully planning and implementing complex IT systems for companies of all sizes. With us, you get everything from one source: consulting, design, planning, realization, certification, hosting, and support.

Our Promise

Our international and interdisciplinary team consists of experienced specialists and generalists who embrace flexibility and customer orientation and focus 100% on your wishes and needs.

Our heart beats for BIO FRIENDLY IT.

- Dennis Gaastra, MBA, BSc. (Hons) IT, Co-Founder