We offer training courses within the framework of our philosophy BIO FRIENDLY IT in Munich and the surrounding area.

We have been providing professional IT services since 1997 based on our core principles of BIO FRIENDLY IT: Health, Open Source and Unix, minimization of the IT footprint, state-of-the-art IT security, guaranteed privacy, and independence from third-party providers. It's a total concept: we not only develop our IT infrastructures ourselves, but also many of the components to realize the extremely high quality standards we strive for. Everything is optimally coordinated!

IT systems are becoming more and more powerful, but also more and more complex. New developments, opportunities and risks are also constantly emerging. From our daily dealings with our customers and their systems, we know what questions and problems users encounter in daily practice. Often, it is only small tricks and "how to" aids that help. Those who are well trained can also work optimally. According to surveys, on average not even ten percent of the possibilities of modern IT are used. Let us show you step by step how you and your employees can make better use of your computer systems. Let us train you specifically so that you can work optimally with it.

All trainings are carried out by our own experts. If necessary, however, we also make use of first-class external lecturers. We attach great importance to practical relevance in order to ensure that your individual questions are answered competently. Of course, the current state of development in the areas of hardware, operating systems, user software, network technology and IT security is included in our training courses. We currently offer training in English, German, and Dutch. We conduct the training courses at our premises but we are also happy to hold them at your premises.

For IT'ers

The dependence of the enterprises on your electronic data processing (EDP) and the requirements accompanying with it, particularly to the security constantly grow. However, very few small and medium-sized enterprises can afford their own employees only for the care of the EDP. Network administration by an external service provider is the most common solution. For employees in the area of system analysis, system design, and system administration, we offer certified training on all topics of network and system technology according to the guidelines of BIO FRIENDLY IT.

For IT Technicians

Also for the practitioners who technically implement these systems, we offer certified training in the realization and installation of healthier (radiation-free) and resource-efficient computer systems according to the BIO FRIENDLY IT guidelines.

BIO FRIENDLY IT Certification

You can be certified with us during the training courses based on the 6 principles of BIO FRIENDLY IT. Our seal stands for sustainable and energy-saving use of IT technology, based on the principles of health, open source, independence, privacy, data sovereignty and data security, and reduction of IT footprint. We train the practical implementation of these principles and also certify according to them.


Your learning success is our goal!


  • Health
    • Eliminate electrosmog
    • Wiring
    • Measuring radiation exposure
  • Open Source
    • Moving from commercial software to open- source-software
    • From Microsoft Windows to UNIX operating systems
  • IT Footprint
    • Avoid unnecessary software
    • Hardware lifetime
    • Software efficiency
    • Sources of energy
  • IT Security
    • 4D network protection
    • Software updates
    • Failsafe
    • Unnecessary Software
  • Data Security
    • Third-party connections
    • Full backups
    • Incremental backups
    • Data access in your office
    • BIO 7-level data access concept
  • Independence
    • Independent from third-party vendors
    • Independent from investors
    • Independent from translations
Health Open Source IT Footprint Security Privacy Independence

One Day Intensive Course

We train you intensively on the most important basics on the topics from the list above in one day.

Be it network administration or software development for the IT professional or practical installation for the technician.

Concentrated knowledge in a compressed form. Rapid learning progress through intensive training.

Three Day Detailed Course

We train the topics from the list with practical applied tutorials on our virtual low-power servers.

Constant and consistent learning over three days. Here, we also go in depth with real-world examples.

You will get to see a lot of network cables....

One Day Customized Course

Take advantage of our offer for a personal and targeted IT training in Munich and the surrounding area.

We adapt to you: You learn when it suits you. We adapt the scope and content of the training to your previous knowledge.

Get fit and stay up to date in the daily handling of the IT systems in your company.

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